The Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies (SEAS) is devoted to the dissemination and use of reliable and valid attachment measures for the betterment of research and clinical work aimed at understanding and promoting security in children, families, and society. The prevention of child abuse and respect for diversity in family forms are vital to the SEAS mission.

SEAS convenes biennial International Attachment Conferences (IACs). SEAS also sponsors Attachment Pre-Conferences at the meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development. SEAS members receive discounts when attending these events.

There have been six successful International Attachment Conferences, most recently in Pavia, Italy in August 2013. The next International Attachment Conference is planned to take place in New York in August 2015.

SEAS has an official voice in print with the journal Attachment & Human Development, to which SEAS is linked and all paid up members of SEAS will receive a free personal subscription to the journal. Join SEAS early in the year to ensure receipt of regular print journals throughout the current year. Personal web access to the year's journal contents is assured whenever you join in the year. Join SEAS now by clicking here

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1. 8th International Attachment Conference, 29-30 June-1st July, London, UK, 2017

Where will the 9th International Attachment Conference be in 2019?
Nominations are open from SEAS members who would like to propose themselves or a fellow SEAS member as the Chair for the IAC 2019 meetings. Email nominations to SEAS President, Howard Steele, steeleh@newschool.edu by 1 December 2016. Include an account of why the suggested location is ideal for an IAC, why the proposed Chair is suitable, and include information on the university venue, housing opportunities, as 600-800 people are expected to attend. The SEAS Executive Board will consider all nominations and make a decision in Spring 2017 that will be formally announced at the 8th IAC in London at end of June 2017.

2. SRCD Attachment Pre-Conference in Austin, USA, Wednesday, 5th April 2017