1. 8th International Attachment Conference, 29-30 June-1st July, London, UK, 2017

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SEAS is sponsoring up to 8 bursaries for participating in the 8th International Attachment Conference, London, 2017: 4 bursaries of 1000 € for participants from developing economies countries and 4 bursaries of 500 € for PH.D and Post-doc students from all other countries.

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Where will the 9th International Attachment Conference be in 2019?
Nominations are open from SEAS members who would like to propose themselves or a fellow SEAS member as the Chair for the IAC 2019 meetings. Email nominations to SEAS President, Howard Steele, by 1 December 2016. Include an account of why the suggested location is ideal for an IAC, why the proposed Chair is suitable, and include information on the university venue, housing opportunities, as 600-800 people are expected to attend. The SEAS Executive Board will consider all nominations and make a decision in Spring 2017 that will be formally announced at the 8th IAC in London at end of June 2017.


2. SRCD Attachment Pre-Conference in Austin, USA, Wednesday, 5th April 2017



1. 7th International Attachment Conference, August, New York, USA, 2015

2. SRCD Attachment Pre-Conference in Philadelphia, USA, 18th March 2015

3. 6th International Attachment Conference, Pavia, Italy, August 30th- September 1st, 2013.

4. SRCD Attachment Pre-Conference in Seattle, Wednesday 17th April 2013