The Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies (SEAS) is devoted to the dissemination and use of reliable and valid attachment measures for the betterment of research and clinical work aimed at understanding and promoting security in children, families, and society. The prevention of child abuse and respect for diversity in family forms are vital to the SEAS mission.

SEAS convenes biennial International Attachment Conferences (IACs). SEAS also sponsors Attachment Pre-Conferences at the meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development. SEAS members receive discounts when attending these events.

There have been seven successful International Attachment Conferences, most recently in London, in June 2017. The next International Attachment Conference is planned to take place in Vancouver from Thursday, July 18 to Saturday, July 20 2019.

SEAS is sponsoring up to 8 bursaries for participating in the 9th International Attachment Conference, Vancouver, 2019: 4 bursaries of 1000 € for participants from developing economies countries and 4 bursaries of 500 € for Ph.D. and Post-doc students from all other countries. Click here for downloading the application form.

SEAS has an official voice in print with the journal Attachment & Human Development, to which SEAS is linked and all paid up members of SEAS will receive a free personal subscription to the journal. Join SEAS early in the year to ensure receipt of regular print journals throughout the current year. Personal web access to the year’s journal contents is assured whenever you join in the year. Join SEAS now by clicking here



  • SEAS remembers that bids for hosting IACs are always welcome and will receive full consideration from the Executive Board.
  • SEAS is proud to announce that applications are open regarding the 2019 Excellence in Attachment Research Dissertation Award. The winner will be chose from applications made to SEAS, provided that a supportive letter (from the PhD Supervisor) and copy of the dissertation with any publications arising from the dissertation are received by 30 April 2019. Accordingly applicants should have defended their Dissertation in the window between April 30, 2017 and April 30, 2019. These materials should be sent to the President of SEAS, Prof. Pasco Fearon P.Fearon@ucl.ac.uk


The Executive Board of the Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies (SEAS) calls for the immediate reunification of parents and children who have been forcibly separated at the Mexican-American border. SEAS is a learned society, based on 65 years of research in the field of parent-child attachment relationships. Separation and loss represent profound mental health threats to all, especially children under the age of 18. To the  extent that the federal government in the USA seeks to prevent mental health problems and violent or anti-social behavior, it is deeply paradoxical that policies including forced separations have been enacted which are known to be linked to these outcomes. This fate may be averted if there is prompt action to reunite these separated and distressed children with their gravely worried parents.

What 40 researchers say: attachment is a basic right and separation a clear wrong

SEAS is offering 20 gratis two year subscription for students (undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D.) of low and middle income countries (see the list of eligible countries). New free membership will be accepted in order of arrival and after the approval of SEAS ex Board. Priority will be deserved to Ph.D. students. Click here to register.

SEAS Attachment Pre-Conference before SRCD 2019:

Partners in Attachment Research: Advancing Clinical Work, Public Policy, and Community Collaborations

Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

20th March, 2019 (9:00am-5:00pm)

Aims of the pre-conference

Attachment theory and research has always been about how best to impact the real lives of children and parents. What are the issues facing new generations of scholars as they enter the field and what are the emerging avenues to get involved and be effective? Engagement with diverse communities, both societal as well as scientific, appear to be key. Join us for this lively day of discussion and networking to help you find or refine your path – wherever you are in your career.  This day will include four panels, each to comprise 30 or 60 minutes of presentations followed by time for questions and discussion with the audience. Speakers include Brenda Jones-Harden, Mary Dozier, Carlo Schuengel, Marije Verhage, Elizabeth Carlson, JD Haltigan, Gottfried Spangler, Yair Ziv, Jimmy Venza.  Discussions will be facilitated by Pasco Fearon, Jude Cassidy, Miriam Steele, Marinus van IJzendoorn and Howard Steele.

Please come and join this exciting SEAS event! For further information and how to apply follow this link: