About Seas

SEAS membership allows:

– to have free copy of the official Journal Attachment & Human Development (only available for individual subscriptions, not for institutions subscriptions)

– reduced fees for the biennial meeting International Attachment Conference and for Attachment pre-conference of SRCD

SEAS membership lasts one year and has to be renewed each year.

Join SEAS early in the year would ensure receipt of regular print journals  throughout the current year.

Personal web access to the year’s journal contents is assured whenever you join in the year.

SEAS purposes are:

a. Promoting, at an international level, all study and research activities related to the scientific study of Emotion and Attachment (including psychology, psychiatry, social work, educational science, biology, neurosciences, pedagogy, and family studies), also by providing member access to the journal, Attachment & Human Development that will be the official publication of SEAS.

b. Spreading the awareness and use of reliable and valid research methods and intervention tools so as to encourage the implementation of efficacious research, as well as clinical and practical work in the field of attachment;

c. Encouraging contacts between psychology research and social reality, by cooperating with similar organizations and associations and by supporting welfare policies which favor security of attachment in minors, families and society as a whole;

d. Fostering the disclosure of knowledge and scientific updates by organizing meetings, conferences and seminars having the purpose of increasing knowledge and research inherent to attachment. In particular, promoting and sponsoring the biennial International Attachment Conferences as well as the Attachment Pre-Conference workshops at the biennial meetings of the Society Research in Child Development (SRCD);

e. Cooperating, in all necessary ways and forms, with institutional bodies responsible for addressing and financing scientific research based on attachment theory, promoting public policy and practice serving the needs of children, parents, educational facilities and families;

f. Supporting the training of young researchers, by putting in place both suitable training opportunities and incentives toward success in their careers.

SEAS constitution

SEAS constitution english translation