1. 9th International Attachment Conference, Thursday, July 18th – Saturday July 20th, Vancouver, CAN, 2019

SEAS is sponsoring up to 8 bursaries for participating in the 9th International Attachment Conference, Vancouver, 2019: 4 bursaries of 1000 $ for participants from developing economies countries and 4 bursaries of 500 $ for PH.D. and Post-doc students from all other countries. Click here for downloading the application form.



1. 8th International Attachment Conference, 29-30 June-1st July, London, UK, 2017

2. SRCD Attachment Pre-Conference in Austin, USA, Wednesday, 5th April 2017

3. 7th International Attachment Conference, August, New York, USA, 2015

4. SRCD Attachment Pre-Conference in Philadelphia, USA, 18th March 2015

5. 6th International Attachment Conference, Pavia, Italy, August 30th- September 1st, 2013.

6. SRCD Attachment Pre-Conference in Seattle, Wednesday 17th April 2013